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Learn to build a 7-figure online business by selling online

Are you:

  • A newbie who wants to sell online for additional income, but don’t know how to start?

  • An experienced online seller who wants to boost up your sales number and increase your margin?


If you’re new to online business. Good news! I’ll show you how to find your first profitable products to sell, how to create an online store, and how to boost up your sales fast!

If you’re an experienced eBay/Amazon seller who is struggling to increase your sales number and margin. Tell me what was your online sales number last month? Hundreds or thousands? Don’t tell me you’re satisfied with that number, you can do MUCH better than that. And I’ll show you my secret strategies that you can use to reach your goal.

Revealing how I created a million dollar e-commerce business with $600 in 4 years. 


So, what did I do? I had no business nor e-commerce background.

It wasn’t because of luck, it was I found a way to scale my business fast!

Seeing people struggling with their financial status, I decided to share my greatest online sales techniques. So I began to do academic research and study the entrepreneurial books written by the modern entrepreneurs and also the entrepreneurs from last few centuries. I compiled their wisdoms and my own experiences, then I discovered one thing..

There is an universal successful formula that works. You can either ignore it or learn how to apply it.

Do you have a financial goal? Do you have a vision for your lifestyle in 3-5 years? If you do, you should think about how to achieve it and ACT NOW



Billionaire Networker | International Speaker | Amazon’s Best Selling Book Author

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Christopher Kai

Tai Lopez’s Business Partner | Interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ellen is completely knowledgable. Definitely work with Ellen, she’s amazing. And I can’t wait to implement everything she just taught me. Thank you!

America’s eXtreme Marketing eXpert

Amazon is super powerful, if you got a product, you should be selling on Amazon. Right? Ellen is very niche, focused, so she helps people take niche products and sell online. If you’ve got a physical product, ya’ll. This is a course that can help you grow!

Grant Cardone TV- Comfort Killers

Ellen Lin, she is a 7-figure entrepreneur, author, and a bilingual e-commerce coach based on her success of building a million dollar online store with $600. Yeah, you heard it right, $600 in four years! I’m happy to have you as a forefront of the knowledge and wisdom to teach our comfort killers to show them the experience, to show them how you did it!


From A Beginner to Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, Reaching $50k in monthly sales!

I really want to thank Ellen Lin to show us how hard work with right eCommerce approaches can pay off so fast. After signing up her lesson, I spent efforts everyday either learning or building for 4 months without any pay. Then, boom!! My initial monthly revenue has reached $50K+ for 2 consecutive months. One of my products has just reached No.1 at an’s category. Ellen is for real.

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