Validate Your Product Idea

Validate Your Product Idea

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As many of you have already studied The Tab Tab Tab Strategy, if you're still unsure about if your chosen niche will be profitable or not. Here, I'll personally research and validate your niche before you can proceed.

Here's how it's gonna work:

After purchased, you will receive an email on how to access to the course portal, you can send your product(category) idea to me in the portal, I will email you back with an answer of Yes or No, and also a reason why. No matter if the product idea is a "Yes" or "No," it will count towards the validation count.

Please be noted that there is an expiration date for each plan. After that, you will need purchase a new plan no matter how many product ideas you have validated with me.


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# of Product Category Ideas

50+ Product Category Ideas


Ideal For...



One Time Payment


30 Days After Purchase

Ideal for people who did the research, just wanted to double check before proceeding.
*This product can be purchased as many times as you wish just in case if your first product category was not approved.



One Time Payment

UP TO 10

60 Days After Purchase

Ideal for people who have multiple product categories need to be validated



One Time Payment

UP TO 10

90 Days After Purchase

Ideal for people who just want some already proven profitable product categories to start immediately.

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