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Gibril from UK. An e-commerce entrepreneur startup

“I’m already selling online since 2008 but it never get to the level where I want it to be because I do everything on my own and don’t have anyone to help me. Keeping the physical store afloat during the recession and taking care of kids and family seems too much to the point that I no longer wanted to keep store open but didn’t have any exit plan at all. One day my husband received an email from Ellen and told me about it and at first I was very skeptical because I thought that it’s for people that is just starting to sell online but my husband paid for it so I said I’m going to check it out. And I was worried that my husband just wasted his money.

But it turns out…. The course helped me realized that there’s a lot of things I don’t know about selling online.  Ellen was pretty good in responding to my questions and I’m glad that I found a mentor.  Million dollar Golden Formula helped me have that enthusiasm back and made me realized that I just can’t give up on this dream and hoping that this is not just a “hobby” but I can turn it into a “real business” and that I can have the same  level of successes like Ellen’s and others who made millions on the internet. I realized the course was worth it when my sales on Amazon started picking up and the importance of using FBA to boost sales.  Ellen also introduce me to using VA to speed up my work which I didn’t know exist until I signed up with her course.

Don’t do it alone-you waste time money and precious time for family and the things you love to do.  Use a mentor, money you paid is all worth it. There’s a lot of stay-at-home moms that sacrifice their career to raise a family and they can still pursue their dream of owning a business like I do through selling online with help of this program.”

Shelly From Texas. An experienced online seller + retail shop owner. 
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Yvonne from California. Mom with 2 kids.
She generated $500/mo in the 2nd month after enrolling in the program Now! $15,000+/mo!)


Barry from Tennessee. Musician + Starbucks Manager.

Jamel from Tennessee. College Student

Joresth from Utah. 22-Year-Old E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Josh from Utah. 21-Year-Old E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Catherine from Tennessee. Teacher

Travis from Georgia. Self-Employed

Jean from California. Housewife

Sunny from California. Professional Organizer


Rohit from India. Self-Employed

Kory from Arizona. E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Michael Picazo, VP of The Good Catch Company

Wei Hong, 22-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur from Singapore.

Fayez from Poland. Business Consultant

Iwona From Poland, Nutrition Expert

Keith Aichele, America’s Extreme Marketing Expert/International Speaker/Trainer/Author

Grig Duta, Romanian E-Commerce Entrepreneur in Ireland