Million Dollar Golden Formula: Sell, Grow, and Dominate Online Market

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How This 35-Year-Old Online Seller Increases Her Monthly Sales From $1,100 to $200,000

How many of us talk about hitting 100k in revenue to replace full income for our online businesses, but at the end of year, climbing up to the number feels impossible?

Yet despite this struggle, some people still manage to increase revenue AND product margin. Take myself for example....

For years, I tried everything including ask for help on Facebook seller groups and listening to Podcasts for Amazon sellers. I did everything I was "supposed to do," but no change.

But then, over the years I found proven strategies that WORKED! Now my sales is dramatically increasing to $200,000/mo, and I have more time to spend with my family and luxurious trips.

While my sales results look remarkable at first glance (and they ARE an accomplishment to be proud of), these results aren't mysterious.

The techniques I used can be applied to anyone who wants to achieve 6 or 7 figure revenue. In fact, I've coached over 250+ people of different industries and different countries and have seen amazing results, including:

  • Mi hitting $4,600/week sales on Amazon (enrolled in program for 5 months)
  • Louie increased $5,000 in sales in just 3 weeks!
  • Yvonne did $500 on her 2nd month, and hitting nearly $4,000/mo after 5 months
  • Shelly increased her sales by 20%-30%!

In the next section, I’m going to show you the common mistakes people make when selling online and a new formula of getting your 6 or 7 figure revenue without sacrificing your lifestyle. Soon you too can achieve 100k or more in revenue- and I’ll show you how!

And I'm showing the screenshots from my sales below, I know most people are skeptical!


 Top 4 Common Mistakes For Online Sellers

Many people are excited about the possibility of hitting 100k in revenue for their online business. We’ve already seen it’s definite possible. I’ve pulled back the curtain on my own financial journey from 46K revenue in the first year, and then 1.07 million in the forth year-dramatically increased my revenue 2 times each year.

It’s possible! But it isn’t easy.

In fact, when I started out, I was completely overwhelmed. The first thing I did was Google “how to increase ebay/Amazon sales.” And I got SO MANY OPTIONS. And all of them were terrifying and jargony.

Should I do free shipping? Should I do Amazon FBA or Amazon Vendor? And what the heck is SEO?

I was lost. My enthusiasm wavered. I knew I had to take action, but would I ever really be able to figure this out?

Now let me talk about the TOP 4 COMMON MISTAKES for online sellers:

Common Mistake #1: Selling Popular Products

When I started out trying to sell online, I tried everything. The top 100 sellers. At first, I felt GREAT because I thought I got a perfect and profitable products with high demand. But after one month, I only got a few sales, and it felt discouraged. So I thought.. Maybe I picked the wrong product.

And then I tried something else. Repeated the cycle. Picked another popular product, made only a few sales. Hated myself. Tried another popular product.

Once I realized that selling popular products wasn’t working (and would NEVER work), I broke through and found a solution that didn’t just get short-term results. More on that soon.

Common Mistake #2: Focus On Only Amazon

I still hear this all the time! When did we first hear this myth? Was it from the “experts?” For some reason, when we think of selling online, we envision the only way to success is Amazon. Recently people were making tons of money for selling hoverboards on Amazon, but one day Amazon decided to remove all hoverboards listings due to safety issue right before Christmas shopping season. So what happens to the sellers who already stock hundreds of units waiting to ship them out before Christmas? No sales at all until they figured out there’s an alternative way to sell them.

Common Mistake #3: Selling Only A Few Products

What about those people that promise if you “only do X” or “as long as you do Y,” you’ll be able to generate 6-figure revenue by selling a few products or even only one product? If so many people promise this, it has to be true right?

I wanted it to be true, too. Here’s why so many people believe it and how I found out the truth (and why you’ll actually be HAPPY the “Selling Only A Few Products” isn’t true).

Now, let me explain why most of us fall for this and why it isn’t true. Because carrying less products is easier for us sellers, and we need much less capitol to start. But the truth is – Other experiences sellers with much more money can copy your idea and sell similar products with lower price. Then you’re doomed because you can’t beat their prices.

Common Mistake #4: You Need Lots Of Money To Start An Online Business

People are stuck with this mindset. That’s why they procrastinate and never start. But let me tell you this, I spent $600 to start my online business. Sophia Amoruso from NastyGal started hers with $50.


Most people believe they have to run an online store with top sellers in order to get financial freedom. Instead, I’ve discovered that selling niche products is far more important if you want to get financial freedom. 

I help startup online sellers who can’t find profitable products hit 100K in revenue more more.

The Secret To Make Additional 6 or 7 Figure Revenue Even If You Don't Have Any Business Background

When you first start your online store, you read a bunch of articles and listen to a bunch of podcasts, join a bunch of Facebook seller groups. You're overwhelmed by all the information. The more you read, the more you get confused. You don't know which one works and which ones don't. So you randomly pick some of the strategies they teach but you still haven't seen any significant result on your sales.

And even if you follow someone who also has thousands of other followers, later you found out "He/She isn't the real deal because he/she only runs the online store PART-TIME or he/she makes only up to 6-figure..." You have no idea whatever he/she teach is legit.

Imagine if you can learn from how to start an online business from scratch and how to step-by-step building sales to your business, with proven working strategies. Imagine if you have a potential business idea but you're not sure if it works or not, you have a full-time professional to guide you, you have the ability to email him/her to let him/her know your concern. Would be great, right?

I Hit $1.07 Million In Revenue In 4 Years

I'm Ellen Lin, the founder of Ellenpro LLC.

As you'll soon see, I created a framework to building a successful online business from scratch to 6 or 7 figure revenue.

Unlike most blog or Podcast "experts," I didn't go with Amazon FBA nor picked top 100 sellers from those paid softwares..

As a matter of fact, my first successful online business was for niche product lines with $1.07 revenue in 4 years. (The business is so successful that I have a 9,200 square feet warehouse in California, and  I even have offices in China & Taiwan)

I'm still working full time for this online business and it's growing 2X each year. Then I found out I should share this with people who like to know. I know lots of online sellers are struggling with their sales...


Shortly after I launched Ellenpro, people began to question me "This is a Ponzi scheme? It looks too good to be true"

They saw Ellenpro start to take off, watched me got featured on Grant Cardone TV, The Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. People even asked me to become their mentor or business partner.

... but they didn't see the proven techniques I leveraged behind the scene to pull it off. They weren't privy to the years of experience I had building online business from scratch.

And THAT'S why I'm writing to you today.

I'm not sharing this to brag..
I'm sharing this to prove to you that I'm not some random people on the street who started online business and got lucky by "being in the right place at the right time."

The truth is, I build my online business strategically, purposefully, and pull the strings like a sales number puppet master- and I know I can teach you how to do it too.

At the first year of running online business, my revenue was not even $50,000. I wasn't a business major and I didn't have any business background. The only experience I had for selling online was to sell my old textbooks on Amazon so I didn't need to donate it. I wasn't really trying anything because I didn't know online business could make a fortune.

Then suddenly, I found out people around me are selling online for quite a while but I just didn't notice. So I asked them for tips, talked to some professionals, took business classes here and there, asked ebay/Amazon support, studied entrepreneurial books. Of course, not all of them are working, but SOME of them worked like a charm. I gradually found out the tricks and strategies to online selling, so I didn't have to explore randomly anymore.

Now I'm enjoying the total financial freedom, and I get to do my own decisions for everything in life. I get to travel whenever I want to, I get to book luxurious hotels or Airbnb (unlike before, I could only afford Hostels or 2 star hotel). I'm very passionate for my life (I was a zombie when I had a 9-5 job) and I became a confident person (I lacked of self-esteem prior starting a business)

Life is GREAT now, I couldn't ask for more.

Introducing "Million Dollar Golden Formula"

For the first time ever, I will reveal how I used "Million Dollar Golden Formula" to build an online business from scratch to 7 figure in 4 years from $600.

Best part: You can replace those wrong advise - selling hot products and entering the price war with hundreds or thousands of other sellers.

... and learn the step-by step system that:

  1. Shows you how to find the right niche. And I will personally analyze and validate your niche idea
  2. Shows you where to find vendors and how to setup an online business, even if you live outside of USA.
  3. Video tutorials on how to sell on eBay and simple eBay settings you didn't know about that could increase sales
  4. Video tutorial on how to sell on Amazon and simple Amazon hacks nobody told you about that will increase your product rank and drives more sales
  5. Gives you a step-by-step guide on pricing, branding, merchandising, marketing strategies that will help your business to dramatically increase your sales.
  6. Course material will be updated continuously, you can request me to add a course content!  
  7. Finally, the essential mindsets and tricks you need everyday for running and scaling your business!
  8. Video tutorials on how to drive traffic to your webstore by using social media and how to build an email list!

If you are currently selling, you will see how simple it is to learn, even if you haven't started selling anything yet.

PLUS... you will get the following bonuses if you sign up for the course:

  1. I will personally validate your product idea
  2. You will get 6 months Bi-weekly Group Coaching Call
  3. You will get a list of profitable product ideas

What's included in the course?

Million Dollar Golden Formula is a multimedia online training that teaches you how to start, grow, and generating more profitable sales for your online business. There's HD videos, worksheets, actionable items, and more.

And by the end of it, you'll learn:

  • How to Find Profitable Products To Sell
  • How to Start An Business From Scratch
  • How to Grow Your Business And Generate More Sales
  • How to Reduce Risks In Online Business
  • How to Outrun your competitors

Even better: You'll learn how to become a confident entrepreneur with financial freedom.

Schedule: As you know, this is a 6-week training course. You'll gain access to Chapter 1: Finding Niche immediately. (Don't worry... you don't have to be anywhere live. The content is all pre-recorded)

As you'll seeon see, unlike many other online courses, the material for this course is released week by week. Why do I do this? It helps you focus on each chapter, one at a time, and encourages you to take action on what you learned in each video. (If you want to build a profitable online business, you've got to take action, so this is for your benefit)

Additionally, this course was designed to be followed from Chapter 1 through Chapter 6. If you start Chapter 1, and skip around, the course won't work as well as it should. (For example, in Chapter 5, I often reference work you should have completed in an earlier chapter)

As I mentioned earlier, Chapter 1 will be available immediately after purchase. Chapter 2 will be unlocked 7 days after your purchase, Chapter 3 will be unlocked 14 days after your purchase, and so on... (So if you purchase the course on a Tuesday, each new chapter will be unlocked on the following Tuesdays)

Here's a complete breakdown of what you'll learn in each chapter...

If You Got Questions About "Million Dollar Golden Formula," I've Got Answers


"Is this a Ponzi scheme? Sounds too good to be true"

No, I was interviewed by The Grant Cardone TV, and got featured on The Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

"Does it really work for me?"

The course is designed to work for anyone. I show people how to build an online business from scratch. And even if you're an experienced sellers, you will learn the boosting sales strategies you didn't know about.

"I don't have time for this"

I offer life time access. So you pay now, and finish the course later anytime you wish.

"Why don't I just use the free resource online?"

They are scattershot, here and there, there's no system behind it. Plus, not ALL of them works.

"Why don't I just use Jungle Scout, AMZTracker to find profitable products?"

Yes you can, but they didn't teach you how to boost up the sales. Also, Jungle Scout and AMZTracker don't work so much for the business model I'm teaching you, because I teach you how to launch a product category and dominate that category, not just single products.

"Does it work if I live outside of USA?"

Yes I have many international students. This course will also work for people who live outside of USA.

"When will you remove the bonus materials if I don't purchase the course today?"

I don't have definite answer for that. Maybe next week, maybe next month.

"How is your class different than the other Amazon classes?"

While all other classes only focusing on teaching you Amazon tips, I focus on branding and merchandising strategies. Amazon tips may expires, the branding/merchandising strategies will not expire (However I also teach Amazon tips, but the core material is the branding/merchandising strategies). Meanwhile all other teach you to purchase a product with 3,000 piece to reduce the cost. I teach you purchase 10 pieces sample to test the market first.

"How long does it take to master the strategies you teach?"

It's totally up to you. It depends on how fast you proceed and handle everything.

"What if I don't fully understand your class material?"

You can e-mail our support team or go to our private Facebook group to ask me or classmates.

"Will you tell us what products are profitable?"

For a limited time only, I include a list of 50+ profitable niche categories. You will see the list as soon as you logged into the course.

"Will you validate our product idea"

Yes I will. And it's included in the price.

"How soon will I make sales?"

It depends on your product and price. The soonest you can expect sales is the 2nd day after you listed up your products on marketplaces like Amazon & eBay.

"Are you still using the same strategies in the course to make money. What if things get changed and suddenly the techniques don't work anymore."

Yes I am still using the same strategies to make money. And our company is still growing.. If things change you will get an email on my revised strategies.

"Why are you revealing your secrets? Most of the people just hide the secrets"

With my current online business full-staffed, I have time to teach. My purpose is to use my enthusiasm and knowledge in e-commerce to teach and empower others so everyone can create the lifestyle they want by selling online. And I ENJOY helping people who need to help!


Earning Disclaimer:
Please don’t interpret any of the following content as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve same or similar result. Each individual’s success depends on his or her mindset, dedication, desire, and motivation.


Mimi from California. A small business owner of a wholesale company, successfully transitioned into e-commerce. Now she's making $4,601/wk = $16,000/mo

Louis from Illinois. An experienced (6 years) e-commerce entrepreneur

"I'm already selling online since 2008 but it never get to the level where I want it to be because I do everything on my own and don't have anyone to help me. Keeping the physical store afloat during the recession and taking care of kids and family seems too much to the point that I no longer wanted to keep store open but didn't have any exit plan at all. One day my husband received an email from Ellen and told me about it and at first I was very skeptical because I thought that it's for people that is just starting to sell online but my husband paid for it so I said I'm going to check it out. And I was worried that my husband just wasted his money.

But it turns out…. The course helped me realized that there's a lot of things I don't know about selling online.  Ellen was pretty good in responding to my questions and I'm glad that I found a mentor.  Million dollar Golden Formula helped me have that enthusiasm back and made me realized that I just can't give up on this dream and hoping that this is not just a "hobby" but I can turn it into a "real business" and that I can have the same  level of successes like Ellen's and others who made millions on the internet. I realized the course was worth it when my sales on Amazon started picking up and the importance of using FBA to boost sales.  Ellen also introduce me to using VA to speed up my work which I didn't know exist until I signed up with her course.

Don't do it alone-you waste time money and precious time for family and the things you love to do.  Use a mentor, money you paid is all worth it. There's a lot of stay-at-home moms that sacrifice their career to raise a family and they can still pursue their dream of owning a business like I do through selling online with help of this program."

Shelly From Texas. An experienced online seller + retail shop owner.
She increased her sales by 20-30% after enrolling!

Yvonne from California. Mom with 2 kids + 2 part time jobs.
She generated $500/mo in the 2nd month after enrolling in the program
And after 5 months... Boom! Nearly $4,000/mo

Michael Picazo, VP of The Good Catch Company

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And that's because it's easy to tell ourselves we'll change, but we often don't.

Imagine 3 years from now, you're still working in the same company and making the same amount of money because you didn't take any actions when there's an opportunity.


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