03 Aug

How To Sell On Amazon Cross Border Without Worrying Having A Local Bank?

Do you live in North America? And want to do cross border business in Amazon UK?

Do you live in Asia? And want to do cross border business in Amazon USA?

Do you live in Europe? And want to do cross border business in Amazon Japan?

There are 3 options:

  1. Use your own bank in your country. This is the most expensive way, because you will have to pay international wire transfer fee, and currency exchange fee.
  2. Payoneer
  3. WorldFirst

So how do Payoneer and WorldFirst work? THEY SAVE YOU MONEY ON WIRE TRANSFER AND CURRENCY EXCHANGE FEE! You know that our bank charges us ridiculous high currency exchange fee! That’s where they come in place to save money.

Between Payoneer and WorldFirst, I used WorldFirst for my e-commerce business, because they don’t have annual fee. And many companies I work with in Europe requested payments via WorldFirst. 

Not only that, WorldFirst has also won many different rewards:

How To Setup WorldFirst in Amazon?

  1. Sign up WorldFirst here
  2. Talk to their rep and they will provide you with a WorldFirst bank information in your targeted country.
  3. Update this bank information in your Amazon seller dashboard
  4. Amazon will deposit money to WorldFirst bank.
  5. You can withdraw money to your own bank from WorldFirst with a much lower fee.

Even better, Ellenpro has now officially partnered up with WorldFirst to give you a BETTER RATE (If you were to sign up with them directly, you won’t get this special rate!)

So CLICK HERE to start saving money on cross border trade!

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