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{:en}What I Learned From Tai Lopez’s Master Mind Session{:}{:zh}我从Tai Lopez与他的智囊团座谈会学到的创业家智慧{:}

{:en}For those of you don’t know who Tai Lopez is. He’s a TedTalker and he’s a multi business owner teaching entrepreneur mindsets – teach you how to master your life in love, health, wealth, and happiness. He’s known as the Lamborghini & Ferrari guy who lives in a Beverly Hills mansion.

Some people think he’s an scam artist because he “shows off” his wealth to lure people’s attention to get into his training program. But seriously, what is wrong with that and how is that a scam? He does have the luxury asset, and he does have the knowledge we need to learn.

My mentor Matt Pocius (known as the Youngest and Highest Paid Internet Consultant in the world) invited me to Tai Lopez’s mastermind session on September 9th, 2016 (an invite-only event). The first part of the session was hold at Tai’s office in West Hollywood, where there was a group of professionals (serial entrepreneurs and business owners in different fields) talked about his or her own struggle in business, and seek help from the other professions. Most importantly, networking with other successful professionals.

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The second part of the session was taking place at Tai Lopez’s Beverly Hills mansion. Upon arrival, I saw Tai’s filming spot- his garage, with his Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, and Lamborghini. We were taken to his conference room inside of his house.

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In the conference room, Christopher Kai, the author of Amazon’s Best Seller Book “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities” taught us the importance of networking, and how to network with the influencers. It was a great talk! Keep reading for what I learned from Christopher Kai.

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After that, we were taken to Tai’s backyard (the famous filming location “Here in my backyard”). Tai’s brother Ben gave us another speech on how to make your website converts better. Keep reading for what I learned from Ben. During the speech, many successful business investors arrived, ready to be networked.

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After the networking/dinner break. Tai Lopez came and gave us a speech about the entrepreneur’s mindsets and business investor’s stand points. So here’s what I learned from this wonderful event:

1. E-Mail Marketing:

  • Always do split test, and use shorten URL to track the results, keep experimenting different ways, and find the best way that works for you.
  • LinkedIn, get premium account, and you can get people’s emails from there.

2. Facebook Ad Marketing:

  • Split your target audiences into two groups, the first one is targeting people who already know they need your product. The second one is targeting people who doesn’t know they need your product, so you will become a guru. Again, always experimenting different way to test which works the best.
  • Profile your ideal client with the N.A.R.G.O.R.I.:
    • Nationality
    • Age
    • Race
    • Occupation
    • Gender
    • Income

3. SEO:

You can use semrush.com to find out competitor’s keywords

4. Growth Mindset

Do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset? Most of us grew up with a fixed mindset because that’s how our society is. Our parents and teachers told us “you can’t do this. you can’t do that,” so gradually we limit ourselves. We can become whoever we want to become and meet whoever we want to meet. So far, I’ve met Seth Godin, Sophia Amoruso, Chelsea Clinton, Jack Canfield, Tai Lopez, and Matt Pocius. Next I’d like to meet Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Kardashian family, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos.

5. The Importance of Networking:

  • Working in the right room- in order for you to achieve greater success, you need to be surrounded by people are 10x or even 100x times better than you. A billionaire’s friends are usually billionaires.
  • 80% of the success comes from follow up. For busy and higher authority people, you can send them a follow up email with interesting article, videos, or events.”
  • How to make people remember you? Your unique story
  • Focus on things that others want, listen to them with heart.
  • Research the people before you speak with them.
  • Meet at least one person outside of your network per month. Or even per week.
  • How to talk to an influencer even if he/she is in a conversation with others: Walk towards them (so each person stands on a triangle point), listen to their conversation and smile. And they will notice you and start talking to you.

6. Improve Website Conversion:

You can improve your website conversion by adding the following elements:

  • Focus on benefit: An visual image that shows your customers what they will become after you purchase your products.
  • Social proof:
    • Add testimonials
    • Add case studies
    • Add reviews
    • Record others using your products.
  • Availability: Make customers easy to buy. Simple web page and use words people know on your website.
  • Authority:
    • Add seals to the checkout page,
    • Add “As Seen” logos
    • Creating a safe looking website, doesn’t need to be fancy, but needs to be professional.
    • Letting customers know your profession
    • Showing social media logo if you have more than 50k-100k followers.
  • Deprival supereaction tendency urgency/scarcity
    • Using “Timers” for special offer.
    • Limited stock
  • Reciprocation: Offer something for free, people will feel like they need to return you a favor
  • Commitment Consistency: Getting them to say “Yes” for multiple times
  • Liking/Loving: Creating a video for your story.

7. Tai’s Suggestions As An Investor:

  • Think about how to bring small market to big market.
  • Build a company that others can manage it, so you can build another company.
  • It usually takes at least 18months for you to see company growth.

[optin-cat id=1848]{:}{:zh}Tai Lopez是一个身价不凡的创业家,也是一位TedTalk的讲师,他创造了许多的公司,现在专注于在网路上教导成功的创业家们,教你如何掌握如何在人生的四个方面:爱,健康,财富,快乐。大家对他的印象,就是住在比佛利山庄,并开着法拉利以及蓝博基尼的成功创业家。


我的导师Matt Pocius (网路上称他全世界为最年轻,最高价的网路顾问)。他在2016年的9月9日请我去Tai Lopez的智囊谈座谈会(只能靠邀请参加)。座谈会的第一个部分在Tai Lopez西好莱坞(West Hollywood)的办公室举行,他邀请到了许多在不同国家,不同领域的成功人士,每个人分享自己目前在事业上遇到最大的瓶颈,其他人会帮你出主意来解决。最重要的,跟这些成功人士拓展人际关係也是很重要的环节。

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座谈会的第二个部分是在Tai Lopez的比佛利山庄豪宅举行。到达的时候,可以看到Tai Lopez平常摄影的场景:他的车库,有他的法拉利,蓝博基尼,宾利,玛莎拉蒂。然后我们就工作人员带进豪宅裡面的座谈室。

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座谈室内,亚马逊畅销书”Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities“的作者Christopher Kai送了我们一本他的新书,告诉我们拓展人脉是有多重要的一件事情,然后教我们如何与『有影响力的人』攀谈。真的是非常有实用价值的一个演讲,学了不少,继续读下去,我会告诉你我在Christopher Kai身上学到了什麽。

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拓展人脉以及晚餐时间结束后,Tai Lopez下楼来,为我们解说创业家需要有心态以及投资者的角度。以下就是我在这个超级棒的座谈会所学到的:

1. E-Mail行销:

  • 不断的测试不同的内容,不同的文字,不同的图片,不同的人群,而且要用简短的网址来查询看哪种方式的点击率最高。
  • LinkedIn, 购卖付钱的帐户,你可以拿到别人的email。

2. Facebook广告行销

  • 把你的理想客户人群分成两种,第一种为『他们已经知道他们需要你的产品』,第二种为『他们还不知道他们需要你的产品』,所以,当你告诉他们一个新的东西的时候,他们会觉得你是专家。当然,还是要不断的测试不同的方法看哪一种最有效。
  • 用以下的项目为主,找出你理想的客人群:
    • 国籍
    • 年龄
    • 种族
    • 职业
    • 性别
    • 收入

3. SEO:

你可以利用semrush.com 找到你竞争对手在他们的网页上所使用的关键字。

4. 成长的心态

你有一个固定的心态还是成长的心态?社会把我们大部分的人教成都在固定的心态下成长,我们的父母跟老师告诉我们『你不可以做这个,妳不可以做那个』,所以慢慢的我们把自己的能力给局限了起来。事实上,我们可以成为我们任何想成为的人,遇见任何我们想遇见的人。到目前为止,我遇见了Seth Godin, Sophia Amoruso, Chelsea Clinton, Jack Canfield, Tai Lopez, Matt Pocius.接下来我想遇见Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Kardashian家族, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos.

5. 拓展人脉的重要性:

  • 在对的房间工作,想要达成更高一级的成功,你身边必须要有比你厉害10倍甚至100倍的人。亿万富翁的朋友们通常都是亿万富翁。
  • 80%的成功来自后续行动,你可以email给他们有用的文章,影片,派对。
  • 如何让别人记得你?你特别的故事
  • 专注在别人需要什麽,用心聆听。
  • 在你跟演讲者攀谈之前,先研究他们的背景。
  • 每个月(或是每週),去认识一个新的人。
  • 如何与有影响力的人攀谈,即使他正在跟别人讲话:走向他们,(所以每个人站在一个三角形的点上),微笑并默默听着他们的谈话,然后他们就会注意到你,跟你打招呼。

6. 增加网站销售额:

You can improve your website conversion by adding the following elements:

  • 注重在观众想要的:主页上,放一张解决了客人问题后的照片,让客人看了也能想像自己用了产品后的样子。
  • 社群证明:
    • 加上客人推荐
    • 加上客人研究证明
    • 加上产品评分
    • 加入产品影片,最好是客人拍的。
  • 可获得性:要有一个乾淨,易懂,让可人容易购买的网页环境。
  • 专业权威:
    • 付钱的页面要有保证章
    • 加上『我们的网页有在以下网页报导过』的那些公司商标。
    • 有一个看起来购买安全的网站,不需要太华丽,但要专业。
    • 让客人知道你的专业
    • 如果你的设群组有超过五万到十万的粉丝,请把这个也放到网站裡
  • 让客人有此刻非得要买的感觉
    • 在网站上放入『倒数计时器』
    • 限制购买数量
  • 交互作用: 送客人免费的东西,他们会觉得他们需要还你人情
  • 让客人不断的Say Yes
  • 拍摄你公司的故事。

7. Tai对投资者的建议:

  • 思考如何把小市场带到大市场。
  • 打造一个别人可以管理的公司,所以你才能再打造另外一个公司。
  • 通常一个公司需要花至少18个月的时间才会看到成长效果

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