10 Jan

What I Learned from Lewis Howes at His VIP Party in Hollywood

I went to Lewis Howes’ event and his VIP party last Saturday in Hollywood. I bumped into many familiar faces (I met in Tai Lopez’ house).. You know what that means? It means who you know determines your success. Beverly Hills & Hollywood are not just for celebrities, but also a good networking places for many successful young American entrepreneurs.

Oh, for those of you who don’t know Lewis Howes, you should check out his Wikipedia page later. He’s a former football player, now a life coach. He shared the 5Gs (5 keys to achieve greatness)

1st G: Growth
Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Are you always looking for opportunities to develop yourself? Or are you always being ignorant because you think your current life is the best life you could get? Let me tell you this, EVERYONE can achieve greater success if they work hard and work smart (not as an employee, but as an entrepreneur).

2nd G: Gratitude
Gratitude attracts gratitude. If you’re always being grateful in your life, you will attract all the goods things. If you’re always being negative and treating others bad, you will attract all the negatives things happen to you.

3rd G: Group
Again, it’s all about who you know, check your Facebook friends.. Who are they? How much success have they achieved in their lives? Who do you usually hang out with? You need to find people who have already achieved your goals- find a mentor!

4th G: Game Plan
You must have a daily goal/weekly goal/monthly goal/18mo goal/biggest goal setup right, without goals. You will have a very slow progress or even no progress!

5th G: Giving
What can you do to your community? What can you do to make an impact to this world? Giving back what you know and help others!

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