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{:en}The Only Shortcut To Success{:}{:zh}往成功唯一的捷径{:}

{:en}In 2011, I decided to spend $600 to start an online business selling online.

In 2014, our revenue hit 7 figure. 2015, 2016, 2017, the business keeps growing and growing.

But it wasn’t easy at all.

Even though my father was my mentor, but he has limited knowledge for online business. I had to explore everything by myself, kept testing different products, different merchandising strategy, testing different types of online and physical ads, managing employees, trying out different softwares that will make our business run faster, fixing technical issues, asking friends, taking online courses, reading lots of books, attending expensive seminars and webinars.

And how many of them worked? I’d say maybe 60-70%. So I spent 30-40% of my time on something that didn’t work. But I’m glad I am already finished with the stage and successfully established a system that works!

But thinking back….. I could have hit 7 figure sooner, I could have avoid the 30-40% of my time on something that didn’t work.. I could have..

I could have done so by hiring a mentor- someone who has been through what I’m about to go through, someone who already achieved what I want to achieve, someone I can ask questions whenever I have doubt. But who and where is this person?

As I was reading Jack Canfield’s book “The Successful Principle.” In this one chapter, he talks about the importance of hiring a coach or mentor. I know Canfield has his own mentoring program and he’s really awesome. I love his seminar and books. But does he know about all the social media strategies? I’m not sure..

After a few weeks having this thought in mind, I saw Matt Pocius’s Facebook Ad, an European young guy with a Bentley & a Mercedes SLS AMG. Even though I told my friends that I didn’t want to use my assets to lure subscribers, but this just got me… (So I decided to put up a picture of myself driving the yacht we bought) Anyways, I immediately cold-messaged him on Facebook. Surprisingly he replied, and we had this conversation going on for a few days. And then it was a no-brainer for me to join his mentoring program.

Later I found out Matt Pocius is known as The Youngest Highest Paid Internet Consultant In The World. Yes the price wasn’t cheap and he didn’t offer installments and there’s no refund policy. But I paid it without hesitation because I know he has the knowledge I need, and I know this will work. And then I found out his mentor is Tai Lopez and Dan Pena.

And Matt told me I’m very special, and I’m one of his advanced students who already know a lot, so I could skip some of his materials. Yes, I spent lots of time exploring by myself to create this “specialness.”

I regret that… Why didn’t I do this much earlier to shorten my learning curve? I could have just ask my mentor a question before I proceed anything…

Everyone should get a mentor, everyone should get someone to lead him/her the way, this is the only shortcut to success.

With that being said, I decided to add more value to my course for a LOWER price. (I encourage people to make one time payment for $599 only, the 12 months payment plan still remains the same at $97/mo. I’m offering One-on-One e-mail mentoring for my Million Dollar Golden Formula for a limited time only, so you could ask me any questions whenever you’re struggled, whenever you’re uncertain about anything.

The best part? If you decide to quit within 30 days, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

You can ask me about the mindset, you can ask me about packaging, branding, product selection, price, and etc. You can ask me about anything here...

So hurry up and start learning today with the great deal!

[optin-cat id=1848]{:}{:zh}In 2011, I decided to spend $600 to start an online business selling online.








我前一阵子在念这本书,Jack Canfield (心灵鸡汤作者)所写的”Successful Principles“。在其中一个章节中,他说雇用一个导师是十分重要的一件事。我知道Jack Canfield有他自己的训练课程,我超爱他的座谈会跟他的书,可是他知道我所想要知道的东西吗?我不确定。。

这个想法就一直在我脑海裡打转,又过了几週,我在Facebook上面看到Matt Pocius的广告,一个年轻的欧洲男孩跟他的Bentley还有宾士SLS AMG。即使我跟我朋友说过我不想利用我的资产来吸引学生,但是我自己却被这种广告给吸引到了。(所以这篇文章我放了我在开我们买的船)。然后呢,我看到广告之后,我就直接Facebook PM Matt,很惊讶的他竟然回复了,我们在Facebook讲了几天的话,然后我就付钱购买他的训练课程了。

之后我发现Matt Pocius是在Entrepreneur.com所报导的『全世界最年轻,最昂贵的网路顾问』。是的他的价钱真的不便宜,而且他也没有分期付款,而且也不能30天退款,但是我还是想都没想就付钱了,因为我知道他就是我在找的那个人,他有我想要的知识。然后之后我发现他的导师是TedTalk讲师Ted Lopez还有资产50 billion的Dan Pena.




所以呢,我决定将我的训练课程加上更多的价值,限时提供一对一email教学在Million Dollar Golden Formula裡,所以当你苦恼的时候,当你不确定的时候,你可以随时问我问题。

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